Course Description

Developed with funding from the National Science Foundation by a team of University of Texas faculty and NASA engineers, Engineer Your World engages students in authentic engineering practices in a project-based environment.

Students Discover How Engineering Shapes Their World. Engineer Your World highlights engineering’s potential to impact human lives and the world around us. Students discover how

  • Engineers design products with users in mind;
  • Engineered solutions evolve over time;
  • Engineers use data to improve lives;
  • Engineers design the products of our everyday lives;
  • Engineers use computation and programming skills to solve fun and important challenges; and
  • Engineers work in teams to solve complex, system-level design challenges.

Students Develop Engineering Design Skills. Engineer Your World uses a unique, multi-level engineering design process that is both accessible to high school students and authentic to the experience of professional engineers. Students “discover” this process at the beginning of the course and develop proficiency by applying it in subsequent units.

Students Build Engineering Skills and Habits of Mind. Students in Engineer Your World develop and practice the engineering skills and habits of mind that are central to the engineering profession and that distinguish it from other scientific and technical fields. Students collaborate in diverse teams as they learn to quantify systems; apply common engineering tools and techniques; generate and select concepts; embody, test and verify designs; and document and communicate their work.

Students Explore Engineering Fields and Professions. Engineer Your World covers the breadth of engineering fields and professions so that students can make informed decisions about pursuing engineering.

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“The curriculum is energetic and engaging! Engineer Your World is the next generation curriculum making engineering relevant to students.”
– Vickie Reedy, Teacher at Houston County High School, TN

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