Ongoing Teacher Support

Teachers of Engineer Your World participate in a vibrant professional learning community and are supported by a dedicated team of engineers, instructional coaches and learning technology specialists at The University of Texas at Austin.

While Engineer Your World teachers leave their initial two-week summer training confident in their abilities to teach the course, UTeachEngineering recognizes the value of ongoing professional development and support. A virtual professional learning community of Engineer Your World teachers engages in monthly collaborative videoconferences and online discussion forums; individual teachers work with UTeachEngineering instructional support specialists to reflect on practice in one-on-one debriefs; and all Engineer Your World teachers have on-demand access to staff engineers, instructional support specialists, and learning technology specialists to meet their technical and instructional needs.

Additionally, our teacher support model is evolving to include an optional three-day summer institute to give veteran Engineer Your World teachers the opportunity to share lessons learned, analyze and identify best practices, refine approaches to student assessment, and identify opportunities for community engagement in support of their programs.

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Duration: 2:29 min.

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