Why Engineer Your World?

Engineer Your World is for everyone.  Engineer Your World successfully attracts and engages students who are already interested in engineering as well as those who do not yet know what engineering is. Our goal is not to turn all students into future engineers, but to inspire students to discover the value and relevance of engineering approaches to solving real-world problems.

Engineer Your World is efficient. Engineer Your World covers a breadth of engineering processes, skills, habits of mind, and fields and professions in one year that some programs cover in two, three or four years. Because the course can work equally well as a one-year, standalone course or as an introduction to an engineering pathway, students can engage in meaningful engineering challenges with or without committing to a multi-year program.

Engineer Your World is human-centered. Engineer Your World engages students in developing engineering skills and habits of mind through socially relevant challenges that illustrate how engineers solve problems for human benefit. Rather than focusing on technical disciplines or field-specific engineering skills, Engineer Your World teaches conceptual processes that empower lifelong problem-solving. Core engineering concepts are accessible from the first, and STEM tools are meaningfully introduced as students need them.

Engineer Your World teachers are well-supported. Engineer Your World teachers are prepared and supported via a two-week professional development institute and an ongoing support program. Developed in accordance with national Standards for Professional Development for K-12 Teachers of Engineering, our program is evolving to include peer mentoring and coaching as well as on-demand access to UTeachEngineering instructional support specialists, staff engineers, and instructional technology specialists.

Engineer Your World is affordable. We work hard to keep costs low for our partner schools. A new partner school invests $5,500 in the first year for curriculum licensing, professional development, and induction support for their teacher. Annual costs decrease in subsequent years even as our exceptional teacher support continues. Costs for equipment and supplies in the first year depend on the number of students and sections expected, and consumables in subsequent years are $10 – $20 per student. Other programs may require a minimum upfront investment of $30,000 and an annual per-campus cost of $20,000 for a multi-year program of approximately 100 students.

Duration: 1:52 min.

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