Option to Earn Dual Enrollment Credit for EYW I

All students currently taking EYW I: Engineering Design & Analysis at their high school are eligible to apply for admission to the dual enrollment offering of the EYW I course at The University of Texas (ES 301 at UT Austin or EGR 1003 at UT San Antonio). Dual enrollment students can earn three hours of college credit by completing additional assignments that demonstrate a deeper understanding of course concepts. These assignments may include:

  • Analysis of prototype performance under test conditions
  • Data interpretation and analysis of data variability
  • Analysis of tradeoffs and final design justification


How is ES 301 Different from EYW I?

Students in ES 301 experience the difference between high school- and college-level performance expectations for the same course. Complexity of assignments, communication with instructors, and grading results can be very different in ES 301 from what students are used to in EYW I: Engineering Design & Analysis. Dual enrollment provides a low-risk environment in which students can rise to a new level – and prepare for what is to come.



  • High school engineering course offered in-person at schools across the nation
  • Students complete hands-on engineering design projects and document their work in engineering notebooks, written reports, and presentations
  • Assignments are submitted in person and graded by the high school teacher
  • Offered for a full academic year

ES 301

  • College engineering course offered online to students taking EYW I at their local high school
  • Students complete additional assignments, using photographs of design artifacts, written analyses, and reflections to demonstrate deeper understanding
  • Assignments are submitted online and graded by university faculty
  • Offered in the spring semester (application due in the fall)


How Does it Work for Teachers and Students?

See the Frequently Asked Questions section below for more information.



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