Scaling Up the “E” in STEM

Engineer Your World (EYW) at The University of Texas at Austin is proud to partner with The University of Iowa to bring Iowa high schools an innovative engineering program founded on the belief that all students can benefit from learning to solve problems like an engineer, regardless of their career aspirations. Our innovative, student-centered curriculum engages learners in collaborative, student-directed projects that build creative problem-solving and engineering design skills; teach the value of collaborating to solve complex, modern problems; and create a strong foundation for future STEM learning.


Iowa STEM Scale-Up Award

Engineer Your World was proud to be a 2019-20 Iowa STEM Scale-Up Program and hopes to be approved again in 2020-21. If approved, Iowa educators will be able to apply between January and March, 2020 for an Iowa STEM Scale-Up Award to cover some of the startup costs.



Aligned to Iowa Standards

See how EYW: Engineering Design and Analysis is aligned with Iowa standards in STEM, Social Studies, Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects, and 21st Century Skills and Employability.

Iowa Professional Development

Engineer Your World hosted an action-packed Professional Development Institute (PDI) from July 8 – 19, 2019 at The University of Iowa in Iowa CityLearn about our professional development.

Explore sample lessons, attend a webinar, or request a quote that shows funding for Iowa schools.

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Next Steps

The team at Engineer Your World and The University of Iowa are here to help you bring this innovative program to your campus. Follow these steps so we can support you in scaling up STEM in Iowa.

  1. Learn more about Engineer Your World: Explore sample lessons, attend a webinar, ask a question, or request a quote.
  2. Start planning how to implement the program: Review our planning guide with your team.
  3. Complete the EYW campus enrollment form: Have a campus or district administrator spend 10-15 minutes completing our campus enrollment form. This will enable access to student recruitment materials and additional implementation details.
  4. (Optional, Pending Approval) Submit your STEM Scale-Up application: If Engineer Your World is approved again as a 2020-21 Iowa STEM Scale-Up Program, Iowa educators can apply between January and March, 2020 for a STEM Scale-Up Award to cover some of the program costs.