United Engineering Foundation (UEF) Funding 2022

This page contains supplemental information only for schools receiving UEF funding. Additional award details are outlined in campus agreements. Please also refer to the general Professional Development webpage for information about summer training.

Professional Development Fee for UEF Funding Recipients: The $2,000 cost of this professional development will be paid for with funding from the United Engineering Foundation. Note: You will still receive an invoice for the professional development fee, but it will reflect $0 due.

Equipment and Supplies for UEF Funding Recipients: As an awardee, your school will receive one full startup kit of EYW: Engineering Design and Analysis equipment and supplies.  The kit will be shipped directly to your school. If you are planning to implement with additional sections, your campus is responsible for purchasing the extra equipment and supplies.

If you have any questions, please email Theresa Dobbs or call 512-471-3017, and she’ll be happy to assist!