Engaging Students

Students in Engineer Your World courses develop engineering design skills, internalize engineering habits of mind, and explore the breadth of engineering professions. Students discover how engineering makes a difference in the world while completing hands-on challenges that illustrate how engineers:

  • Collaborate to solve complex challenges;
  • Employ a rigorous and creative design process;
  • Engage in computational thinking;
  • Make data-supported design decisions; and
  • Develop solutions with customers in mind.

Through the growth of this engaging, meaningful curriculum, Engineer Your World is committed to broadening participation in high school engineering and inspiring the next generation of problem solvers.

Engineer Your World was the most important class I took in high school.”

Engineer Your World student


students served in the first seven years

Diverse Student Populations


Engineer Your World is my favorite class because it’s really fun and hands-on. We work on projects that don’t have one right answer and no one’s telling us exactly what to do.”

Engineer Your World student

Engineer Your World inspires students to think like, and even to become, engineers.

Hook 'em45%
of students completing
Engineer Your World plan to
major in engineering in college.
of students completing
Engineer Your World express an
interest in an engineering career.

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