Engineering Design and Analysis Professional Development – Summer 2021

Hello! We look forward to working together this summer. 

Due to COVID-19 and The University of Texas’ in-person event restrictions, summer professional development (PD) will be held virtually. The virtual training will cover the entire curriculum in a two-week summer training, then we will offer support throughout the school year, and welcome you to Austin for the in-person training that we’re known for in 2022. 

This page contains general information about Engineering Design and Analysis (commonly referred to as EYW: Design) virtual PD for Summer 2021. We’ll continue to share information as we have it. If you have any questions, feel free to email Theresa Dobbs or call 512-471-3017.

Professional Development Details:

  • Dates: The EYW: Design training session will be held Monday, June 21 – Friday, July 2, 2021.
  • Times: Please block out between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM CDT, Monday – Friday for training.
    * You will not be in a virtual online meeting all day every day during PD, and you will have a lunch break daily. We will provide more schedule details as the PD dates approach.
  • Location: The two-week, intensive summer training will occur online.

Next Steps:

  • Ensure you have a computer for PD: You will need a laptop with a stable internet connection and a webcam.
  • Install required software. Provided at a later date.
  • Complete the pre-survey: If you have not already done so, please complete the required pre-survey. This should take 15-20 minutes.
  • Submit a head shot and paperwork: Please upload these required items (listed below) to the UTBox Upload Widget or return them via email to Lauren Cotlar.
  • Purchase equipment and supplies (if applicable): For information about how to purchase supplies and equipment kits, please see the Resources Webpage here: (Password: EYW#1utatx).
    • Details about supplies needed for summer training will be provided as your PD date approaches.
  • Ensure your PD invoice is paid. You will be (or have been) copied on the invoice sent to the accounting contact specified on your school enrollment form. This is typically sent in the spring or early summer, but will depend on when teacher registration occurs.

If your campus is a recipient of United Engineering Foundation funding, please visit our UEF Funding page for details.

Answers to Common Questions:

  • What will happen as the school year unfolds? As we move into the fall semester, we expect that some of our schools may return to and remain in physical session, others may stay in or return to virtual learning, and still others may move between these two models. Because the EYW: Design curriculum is fully hands-on, it does not translate seamlessly to online or blended learning. We have developed a full set of adapted course materials that can be used with students who are learning remotely. While these adapted course materials necessarily omit some important features of the EYW: Design experience, they still address the core course learning objectives and provide an engaging and meaningful experience for students.
  • How will you prepare to teach the adapted course materials and/or the original curriculum as the year goes along? Our team has a great deal of experience providing just-in-time training and support for teachers of the traditional EYW: Design curriculum. Every year we have partner schools with last-minute teacher changes, necessitating that we provide support to enable them to teach the course without the benefit of first attending our in-person training. We have leveraged this experience to develop synchronous and asynchronous training materials that you will be able to access as needed as you move through the school year. Please know that we are committed to ensuring that you will have all of the training and support resources that you will need to be successful throughout the year.
  • How will you eventually prepare to teach the “real” EYW: Design course when the world returns to normal? In summer 2022, you will attend a mini, in-person refresher PD session in Austin, where you will get the “real” EYW PD experience that is so valuable for our partner teachers. There will be no additional fee for this PD, which will be covered by the $2000 PD fee that your school is paying prior to this summer.
  • What is the time commitment during the June PD? While we will not ask you to be in a virtual online meeting all day every day during the intensive PD, we do ask that you block out the full two week of PD between 10am and 3pm CDT. We will provide more schedule details as the PD dates approach.
  • What equipment and supplies are required for virtual PD? You will need a laptop with a stable internet connection. Additional supplies will be needed, and we’ll share that information with you as we get closer to the scheduled session.
  • Will students need certain supplies for virtual learning? We do not expect that your students will have all of the standard EYW: Design materials at home. As we developed the course materials for virtual learning, we took into consideration the varying supplies to which students may have access. Once students are physically back in the classroom, the standard supplies will be used. For details about supplies and equipment kits, please see the Resources Webpage here: (Password: EYW#1utatx).

Check back here regularly for updates!