Ongoing Support

Engineer Your World recognizes the value of ongoing professional development and support, so we are committed to supporting teachers beyond the two-week summer training. Research tells us that professional development is only truly transformative if it is longitudinal, so we offer comprehensive ongoing support that:

  • Ensures ready access to staff engineers and instructional support specialists to answer questions and offer support;
  • Engages teachers in virtual and real-life communities of practice guided by our successful veteran teachers; and
  • Leverages online communication tools to facilitate peer-to-peer interaction and sharing of best practices.

Meet Our Consulting Teachers

Consulting Teachers are the veteran Engineer Your World teachers who deliver instruction in summer Professional Development Institutes, provide ongoing instructional support to new teachers, or support both of these vital roles. In each Professional Development Institute, several Consulting Teachers model effective teaching practices for project-based instruction and share their best practices for successfully managing the project-based classroom, facilitating effective collaboration, promoting productive failure, differentiating instruction, and assessing student learning. Consulting Teachers mentor cohorts of new Engineer Your World teachers throughout the year in communities of practice that promote peer-to-peer learning.

Ellen Browne

Ellen Browne

Pomfret School
Pomfret, CT

Teaching Experience: 39 years total, 5 years of EYW

Other Experience: BA in Music from Boston University, Master’s degree in Math Education, Has taught Music for 25 years and Math for 14 years

Why she teaches Engineer Your World: Solid research has gone into the curriculum. The students acquire skills that will translate to any field. It’s a lot of fun to teach this course!

Marissa Logrono

Marissa Logrono

Langham Creek High School
Houston, TX

Teaching Experience: 10 years total, 7 years of EYW

Other Experience: BA in Biology, Has also taught Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and IPC

Why she teaches Engineer Your World: I get to develop a true learning community with my students. Sometimes I feel like I am learning as much as them!

Heather Meiring

Heather Meiring

Beaverton High School
Beaverton, OR

Teaching Experience: 13 years total, 4 years of EYW

Other Experience: B.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering – Semiconductor Microlithography, Robotics mentor, Previously taught Integrated Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering Capstone

Why she teaches Engineer Your World: The curriculum is well-researched, supports under-represented populations, and is sustainable. Additionally, it’s fun to teach and constantly improving, which I very much appreciate!

Audrea Moyers

Audrea Moyers

McCallum High School
Austin, TX

Teaching Experience: 18 years total, 9 years of EYW

Other Experience: Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Arts in Plan II, Master of Arts in STEM Education, Experience with CAD, landscape architecture, and portrait photography

Why she teaches Engineer Your World: I love that the course is a hands-on, team-based exploration of the design process with design challenges inspired by real-world issues.

Liz Stine

Liz Stine

Newark High School
Newark, OH

Teaching Experience:
10 years total, 7 years of EYW: 

Other Experience: BS in Pharmaceutical Science from The Ohio State University and MS in Educational Leadership from the University of Dayton. I am also a Google Level 1 Teacher. In addition to teaching the EYW classes, I teach Physical Science and AP Computer Science A. I have taught Material Science & Independent Study Engineering.

Why she teaches Engineer Your World: I love the problem solving and critical thinking skills that students develop throughout the year. The real world and hands on challenges push students to explore things outside of their comfort zones. I also love that students learn skills that translate into any other course. The support provided is also a huge help!

Adrienne Teachout

Adrienne Teachout

Lyme Central School
Chaumont, NY

Teaching Experience: 7 years total, 5 years of EYW

Other Experience: BS in Adolescence Education from SUNY Cortland, MSEd in Curriculum & Instruction from SUNY Potsdam, Adjunct Instructor of math and physics at the local community college

Why she teaches Engineer Your World: I love watching students work through challenges that push them outside their comfort zones. The hands-on, interactive approach appeals to students’ creativity and problem-solving. These courses prepare students with important 21st century skills regardless of the career they want to pursue.