Course Overview for EYW: Engineering Applications of Computer Science

EYW: Engineering Applications of Computer Science is an engineering course that engages students in programming and computational thinking to solve human-centered, technically challenging projects at the intersection of engineering and computer science. The goal of this course is to engage students in meaningful versions of the practices of professional engineers and computer scientists while sparking a passion for engineering, computational thinking, and problem-solving that will serve all students no matter what their future career goals may be.

Programming for People

After learning the basics of Python programming, students combine engineering and computational thinking skills to create an image processing tool that turns digital photos into Warhol-style artwork.

Engineering Software Solutions

Teams collaborate to develop a low-cost, at-home physical therapy system. Combining the design of a wearable device and a user-friendly interface, this challenge requires students to balance user needs and project constraints.

Software & Hardware System Design

Students combine a Raspberry Pi with sensors and actuators to create user-focused mechatronic assistive devices. Then, adding what they know about image processing from earlier challenges, teams develop a camera-controlled wheelchair for a person with quadriplegia.

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Unit Descriptions for EYW: Engineering Applications of Computer Science

Students explore mechanical, electrical, and biomedical engineering through a series of design challenges that illustrate how engineering can improve people’s lives and health, conserve resources, and enable creativity in the arts.

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Benefits to Students

EYW: Engineering Applications of Computer Science offers students a unique opportunity to learn computational thinking skills in the context of human-centered design projects. Like EYW: Engineering Design and Analysisthis course teaches creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, and purposeful application of STEM and computing principles. Students who complete this course are well-placed to make informed decisions about future coursework in engineering, computer science, robotics, and related fields.