EYW II: Engineering Applications of Computer Science comprises a combination of project-based, socially relevant design challenges and explorations that introduce students to key computing principles in the context of engineering. Students employ engineering processes, skills, and habits of mind to solve more complex challenges that rely on the computing, programming, data representation and analysis, algorithmic thinking, and modeling skills that are so important in engineering.

Year 2 Algorithms Programming

From assisting people with disabilities to improving energy efficiency, mechatronics engages students in algorithmic thinking and programming skills to control a device based on environmental inputs.

Year 2 Data & Info Algorithms Programming

Students develop a user interface to help physical therapy patients with their exercises. Analyzing user data and applying algorithmic thinking and programming skills enable a human-centered solution.

Year 2 Abstraction Data & Info Algorithm Programming

Like many complex engineering solutions, an automated medical delivery device must take inputs from both users and the environment and produce output that communicates with users while controlling an automated system.

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